When you are one of the most recognisable multinational organisations in the World the safety and working environment of your employees is paramount. When logistics and transportation are fundamental to that organisation the safety of your drivers, safety of your fleet, your reputation and public perception are of utmost importance. The site of one of your vehicles ablaze on the side of the road whilst hundreds of vehicles fight to pass can do significant damage to your brand in the eyes of the public and undo months of investment in marketing and PR. Failing to adequately protect staff can do further immeasurable damage.

Following a serious thermal incident one of the UK's leading haulage companies took necessary steps to protect its staff and its fleet. In the space of a few weeks J.Lewis had retrofitted over 400 HGV's with Fogmaker Fire Suppression in a country wide campaign. The installations to the engine bay beside the drivers cab mean that in the event of a fire should the driver become trapped the vehicles are equipped with a potentially life saving system.

In an enclosed space, such as a cab or engine bay, water mist is the only viable option for fire suppression. Water mist is proven to be a superior fire fighting agent to powder and in an environment where a driver or engineer could potentially be directly exposed, powder offers the significant risk of asthma, emphysema, and bronchitis aggravation and may cause pneumoconiosis. Powder is harmful by inhalation and irritating to the eyes. In the event of a serious accident Fogmaker can deploy from any angle meaning should the vehicle land on its side there is still protection from fire.

In the space of a few months 6 potentially fatal thermal incidents were averted preventing possible health and safety and PR disasters.

By J.Lewis Auto Electrical Ltd


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