Prior to the introduction of Fogmaker Fire Suppression the majority of fire suppression systems installed on buses in the UK were powder based. Increased space constraints and emissions targets meant that the danger of engine bay fires had increased significantly. At that time, with no viable alternatives, operators only option was a powder based system.

With no reduction in the volume of fires and subsequent back end vehicle losses operators were forced to look elsewhere. The high profile Mercedes London 'Bendy' bus fires in 2004 had led to the introduction of Fogmaker into the UK by PSV Transport Systems/J.Lewis Auto Electrical. The system proved a huge success and led to the avoidance of several thermal incidents that would have otherwise been complete vehicle burnouts.

This in turn led to a large retrofitting campaign. Across two of the UK's largest bus operators alone over 700 vehicles had a powder system removed and replaced with the Fogmaker system. Following these events the Fogmaker system continues to be fit to all Mercedes buses as the standard fire suppression system of choice.

By J.Lewis Auto Electrical Ltd


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